Our Story

Formed in December 2022 by 3 childhood friends from Cornwall (United Kingdom).

As a 3, we partnered together to create Mystery Champions.

Our love for football and the fashion behind different shirts made a dream a reality to be involved in the football community.

Mystery Champions is determined to be the number 1 source for unique football shirts all over the world.


  • We have big ambitions at Mystery Champions HQ.
  • 5 star customer service is one of our biggest priorities. Making sure every customer receives high quality responsive service.
  • Build a strong fan base where you feel like you are apart of our family, by being part of free giveaways, special offers and discounts, updates & Feedback forms, so we can always improve and listen to what our customers want us to develop / change.
  • Listening to our customers is so important and we feel a large % of companies don't listen to their fan base & here at Mystery Champions we believe this is a MUST.
  • To be the number 1 trusted source for brand new / high quality pre-owned Mystery football shirt boxes from across the world.
  • To become the biggest football shirt retailer in the world. If mystery boxes are not for you, then we would like to add an option where you create your own mystery box for a friend or yourself. Where you can pick your own shirt from our gallery section on our website, giving you more options as a customer.
  • To continue to have a high quality of customer service.

    Finally… Our aim.

    We want to spread happiness to millions of people across the world through our mystery football shirts. Seeing our mystery boxes all over the globe and every customer feeling excited to be apart of our family.
    which to achieve this goal will require a big team effort with a lot of work and dedication, which we are willing to go above and beyond to achieve. So join us and help spread our name worldwide.