The Best England Football Shirts Of All Time

The Best England Football Shirts Of All Time


The Best England Football Shirts Of All Time


The Best England Football Shirts Of All Time


In this article, we take a nostalgic journey through the history of England football shirts, highlighting some of the most iconic designs ever created. Over the years, manufacturers such as Umbro, Admiral, and Nike have crafted both vintage classics and contemporary masterpieces. Here, we present our curated list of the finest England football shirts of all time.


1. England 1996 Away Football Shirt

This fan-favourite shirt was worn during the memorable Euro 1996 tournament, where England reached the semi-finals on home soil. The striking grey and indigo design stood out, with Paul Gascoigne's iconic goal against Scotland being one of the most unforgettable moments while wearing this kit.


2. England 1990 Third Football Shirt

This rare and unique blue third shirt was part of England's dramatic World Cup campaign in Italy, where they reached the semi-finals. Known for its rarity and distinctive design, it represents an era of passionate football and unforgettable performances, including the tense penalty shootout against West Germany.


3. England 2002 Home Football Shirt

This sleek and modern shirt was worn during the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, where England made it to the quarter-finals. The kit featured a bold red stripe down the left side, and David Beckham's crucial penalty against Argentina remains a standout moment in this jersey.


4. England 2006 Away Football Shirt

This fan-favourite shirt was worn during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where England made it to the quarter-finals of the competition. The golden numbers and name set prints used for the kit were particularly stunning. Steven Gerrard finished as England’s top goal scorer in the competition with 2 goals.


5. England 1996 goal Keeper Football Shirt

This vibrant shirt was worn by goalkeeper David Seaman during Euro 1996. The colourful and bold design made it stand out, and Seaman's heroic saves, especially in the penalty shootout against Spain, are fondly remembered by fans.


6. England 1998 Home Football Shirt

This classic shirt was worn during the 1998 World Cup in France, where England reached the Round of 16. The traditional white design with red and blue accents featured prominently in the memorable match against Argentina, which included Michael Owen's sensational goal and David Beckham's infamous red card.


7. England 2024 Away Football Shirt

This contemporary shirt features a sleek and modern design, combining traditional red with innovative patterns and details. It represents the latest in football fashion and technology, making it a standout kit for fans and players alike.


8. England 1966 Away Football Shirt

This iconic red shirt was worn during England's historic World Cup victory in 1966. The simple and elegant design is forever etched in the memories of fans, symbolizing the country's greatest football triumph and Geoff Hurst's hat-trick in the final.


9. England 2008 Home Football Shirt

This clean and minimalist shirt was worn during the 2008 European Championship qualifying campaign. Though England did not qualify for the tournament, the shirt's design remains popular among fans for its simplicity and classic appeal.


10. England 2022 Home Football Shirt

This modern shirt was worn during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The kit's crisp white design with subtle blue and red accents made it a favourite among fans, representing a new era of English football and the team's progress to the knockout stages of the tournament.


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By David Nobes